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CHS Hearing Healthcare

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CHS Hearing Healthcare

CHS has been a leader and innovator in the field of audiology – the assessment and management of hearing loss – since it was founded in 1940 to provide services to people who are culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened and hard of hearing.
CHS Hearing Healthcare has modern, state-of-the-art audiology facilities located in key CHS offices throughout Ontario, offering an array of services including hearing testing, hearing aids, tinnitus consultations and more. CHS is a recognized training site for Canadian audiology and speech-language pathology university programs. We continue to be a trusted consultant to the government in the area of hearing loss.
We can prescribe a hearing aid, help you choose the one that’s right for you, order it, make sure it fits, teach you how to use it, and even repair it. If you need information, support or education to help you adjust to your hearing loss or using a hearing aid or device, our team provides that, too. And we can refer you to other specialized services at CHS – the leader in hearing healthcare services since 1940.
CHS Hearing Healthcare is integral to the fabric of CHS, touching virtually every department. Trust, community, neutrality, price and expertise are the reasons why every year thousands of people choose CHS as their audiology provider.
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