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Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) amplify sounds to help you hear better. Some ALDs can be used instead of a hearing aid, while others are designed to be used along with your hearing aids. Some ALDs can be used for multiple listening situations, while other ALDs are designed for one specific listening purpose.

Amplified telephones, TV and audio listening systems, and personal amplification systems are all examples of ALDs that amplify sound and reduce background noises for people who are hard of hearing.

CHS works with all leading manufacturers to offer you a variety of assistive listening devices to enhance your hearing at home, work or school. Either an audiologist or a communication devices specialist at CHS can help you select the assistive listening devices that will work best for you and provide one-on-one instruction on how to use them. 

For more information and to contact an audiologist, call or email one of these CHS locations.

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Pocket Talker Personal Amplifier       Pocket Talker Personal Amplifier

Bellman Personal Amplifier       Bellman Personal Amplifier

Clarity Cordless Amplified Phone       Clarity Cordless Amplified Phone

 ClearSounds Amplified Phone       ClearSounds Amplified Phone

Clarity Alto Plus Amplified Phone       Clarity Alto Plus Amplified Phone

Clarity Alertmaster Signaling System       Clarity Alertmaster Signaling System

Sonic Alert Doorbell and Telephone System       Sonic Alert Doorbell and Telephone System

Lifetone Fire and Smoke Alerting System       Lifetone Fire and Smoke Alerting System

Serene Cell Phone Signaler System       Serene Cell Phone Signaler System

TV EARS Television Sound Amplification System       TV EARS Television Sound Amplification System

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