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Hearing Healthcare at Home

At CHS, your hearing health is important to us. We understand that some clients may have difficulties coming to CHS due to health conditions or other circumstances.

Through Hearing Healthcare at Home, we offer hearing assessments, hearing tests, counselling, information, and dispensing of hearing aids and assistive listening devices – all in the comfort of your home. Your convenience and comfort comes first.

Make an appointment with the clinic nearest you for an in-home hearing test and consultation today!

How it works

An initial home visit with our audiologist will assess your hearing needs. Our audiologist will examine your ears to check for wax buildup and conduct a full hearing test to determine your level of hearing. Then they will discuss the results with you and all the suitable options for your hearing healthcare needs. A one-time fee is applicable for this assessment visit.

Whether you’re getting a hearing aid for the first time or want to replace one you already have, we will help you find the one that is right for your hearing loss and budget. CHS works with all hearing aid manufacturers, so we are not limited by what products we can offer you. What matters is what’s best for you. If you decide to proceed with hearing aids, we will place the order and schedule a time with you to come back for a fitting. Follow-up visits regarding new hearing aids are included for free as part of your 90-day trial period.

After your trial period, if you need your hearing aid adjusted, checked or counselling on how to care for it, our follow-up visits are scheduled at your convenience. You can either pay as you go or buy a bundle of follow-up visits at a discounted rate.

Assistive listening and notification devices

Our audiologists can also help you with a range of assistive listening and notification devices during the home visit. 

Personal amplification systems: Easy-to-use devices make conversations clearer and easier to understand.

Amplified telephones: Hear better on the telephone with specialized tone and volume controls.

Assistive listening devices for television: Clear, high quality sound so you can enjoy your favourite shows.

Emergency alerting systems: Feel safe and independent in your home with alarms that use flashing lights, vibrations and a loud audible signal.

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Hearing Healthcare at Home Program Referral

The information in this form is collected for the purpose of referring patients to the Canadian Hearing Society – Audiology Program which offers hearing healthcare services that may benefit them. We will only use the information to assess patient eligibility and arrange services as required.

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