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Speech and language programs for children and adults

Culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened and hard of hearing adults and preschool children who are experiencing speech and language difficulties will benefit from the assessment and therapy services offered by our experienced speech-language pathologists.

How we help adults

A speech-language pathologist will meet with you to determine your goals and create programs tailored to your needs. Services are provided in English, sign-supported English and American Sign Language (ASL).

Here’s what we offer:

English for new Canadians

Many of the adults who come to us are new Canadians with a hearing loss. This group ranges from professionals who want to learn how to communicate effectively in the Canadian workplace, to parents who want to talk to their children’s teachers. Culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened and hard of hearing newcomers to Canada often experience difficulty learning English in regular English classes because they are too big and too noisy or they can’t hear the instructor and other students. At CHS, we understand your hearing loss and can offer specialized support. We can help ease the transition from your native language to English.

Pronunciation and voice

Some of the adults who come to us want to learn how to develop their speaking skills and use their voice more effectively and safely. We use specialized techniques and technology that show you your speech and voice patterns, helping you improve your pronunciation and voice.

English upgrading (reading and writing)

Many clients who come to CHS want to develop and improve their reading comprehension and increase the effectiveness of their writing. We can help you expand your vocabulary, improve your grammar, and learn how to write effective business letters, e-mails, academic essays, and other correspondence.

How we help children

Language Thru Play

Children with hearing loss often need extra support to develop their speech, language and communication skills. The Canadian Hearing Society is a community service partner with the Ontario Infant Hearing Program. The speech-language pathologists at CHS provide children and families with the support they need. We focus on developing and expanding children’s speech and language skills in a natural, play-like environment. We will work with families to develop your children’s language skills in spoken English or American Sign Language (ASL).

How to book an appointment

Speech and language programs are only offered at our Toronto location. For information or to make an appointment with a speech-language pathologist, contact the Toronto office.

Speech and language programs are only available in Toronto

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