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Noise Protection

Exposure to unsafe noise levels with unprotected ears can cause discomfort and lead to permanent damage to your hearing. If you are exposed to loud noise at work, or at recreational activities such as sporting events or concerts, noise protection products can be an effective way to protect your hearing.

Custom-molded noise plugs have many benefits, including:

  • Staying in your ears better than generic disposable noise plugs
  • Filters which block some sounds without hindering your enjoyment of concerts or live theatre
  • Blocking out noise to help you sleep better

For more information and to order noise plugs, contact a CHS audiologist at a location near you.

Types of Custom Hearing Protection

Solid Noise Plugs: The best protection, these plugs will provide a maximum of 28 dB of constant protection. They are ideal for those who find themselves in extremely loud environments. 

Solid Noise Plug

Acoustic Filtered Plugs:When you need hearing protection,but still need to hear speech, this style excels. 

Acoustic Filtered Plugs

Vented/Tuned Plugs: By using a Select-A-Vent tree with varying sizes of insert, you may control their own level of protection depending upon your situation. 

Vented/Tuned Plugs

Sleep-Eez Plugs: Designed specifically for your comfort while sleeping, protecting effectively from noise in case of nearby workyards, poorly soundproofed buildings, or simply from a spouse’s snoring. 

Sleep-Eez Plugs


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