Canadian Hearing Society
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About CHS Scarborough

Phone: 1-866-518-0000

In order to better serve those with hearing loss living in the east end of the city, CHS Scarborough opened an Audiology and Hearing Aid Clinic at Providence Healthcare in 2009. CHS Scarborough is located in Providence Hospital’s Outpatient Clinics (B1 entrance). Paid parking is available on-site and we are within walking distance of the Warden Station TTC subway stop (5-minute walk). CHS Scarborough is part of the Providence Community Centre which specializes in community clinics, caregiver support, education and neighborhood outreach programs.

For parking, follow the roadway on your right as soon as you turn into the property. Pass the entrance to Providence Hospital (which is on your left) and drive through the 'gate' (a traffic arm will raise up when you approach it). Follow the roadway as it curves left. You will see a way finding sign with a red square marked 'CLINICS'. The entrance for the Outpatients CLINICS has a rust-coloured canopy and the door is marked '7A'. Park in this area.

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