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Why Hearing Healthcare at CHS

Hearing Healthcare at CHS offers one-stop access to a full range of services for adults and children with hearing loss at locations across Ontario, including tinnitus and hyperacusis consultations, and aural rehabilitation.

Starting with a hearing test using state-of-the-art equipment, one of our experienced audiologists will determine if your patient has a hearing loss and if a hearing aid or communication device might help.

We can prescribe a hearing aid, help choose the one that’s right for your patient, order it, make sure it fits, teach him/her how to use it, and even repair it. If your patient needs information, support or education to help adjust to a hearing loss or using a hearing aid or device, our team provides that, too. And we can refer your patient to other specialized services at CHS.

As a trusted non-profit, CHS has been a reliable source for hearing healthcare services in Ontario since 1940. With our neutral and independent business model and competitive prices, combined with our wealth of expertise, CHS offers the highest quality of care available.

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